Way to Create Multi-Purpose Rooms

by | Aug 31, 2023

With high interest rates, homeowners are opting to utilize their current spaces more by creating multipurpose rooms.  Multipurpose, or sometimes called dual purpose or flex, rooms serve a family’s needs in different ways.

Some ways rooms can be used as flex spaces are an office that becomes a guest room when needed, or is an office by day and playroom for the kids after school, a bar that can be tucked away in the den, or a bathroom or mud room that also serves as a laundry room.

Furniture and storage are key to utilizing a room to its fullest potential when you need it to act as two types of rooms in one.  A Murphy bed can easily be hidden in the wall of an office until you need it for guests or a sleeper sofa can be a great accent piece in an office but be utilized as a bed when needed.  Storage allows you to keep things need until you need them.  Use baskets instead of plastic tubs or hang a curtain to hide your washer and dryer.  Take advantage of the shelves and drawers of nightstands or stand alone chests or dressers.  These spaces can hold more than clothing; They can be used to store games, linens or office supplies.