Sellers Guide

Selling a property can be overwhelming. Between preparing your home for sale, determining the right price for your home, advertising, and marketing, you may be taking on too much. We at Goodman Group are here to help take that weight off of your shoulders. With our extensive marketing campaigns and years of experience within the local markets, we will be able to position, price, and market your home to maximize your return on your investment and sell your home the most effective and efficient way possible. Here is a seller’s guide that should put you on the right track to selling your property:

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1. Why are you selling?

There are a million reasons why you want to sell your property. By identifying the reason(s) for wanting to sell, you can determine the right approach for selling your property.

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2. Choosing a Real Estate Agent

A Realtor®  not only guides you through the process of selling your home, but they also give you advice on advertising and marketing the property, preparing the property for sale, and pricing the property. Choosing the right Real Estate Agent is critical, so make sure you are working with someone who you can trust and who’s opinions you value.

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3. Select a Price

Pricing your home is the most important part of listing it. You don’t want to list the property too high because you don’t want to deter buyers from visiting the property nor do you want to price the home too low because you want to maximize the return on your real estate investment. Your current market conditions could help determine which pricing strategy would be best for you. Discuss with your Realtor® which approach makes you most comfortable so you both can come up with a plan of action to meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations.

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4. Prepare the Property for Sale

How you prepare the property for sale will hopefully help you sell the property. Your Realtor® will give you suggestions on what you should do to your home, if anything, to maximize the return on your sale.

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5. Accepting an Offer

As offers come in, your Realtor will guide you in determining if you should accept, counter, or wait for other offers to come in. Sometimes buyers might ask for additional help at closing or for something to be fixed prior to settlement. You can discuss with your Realtor what your bottom line selling price is and what the best option is for you as the seller.

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6. Under Contract

This is a time where the buyer is going through all of their contingencies (inspections, appraisals, etc.) and the seller is preparing for their move.

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7. Settlement

After all of the buyers contingencies have been satisfied and their loan is cleared to close (if necessary), you are ready for to go to settlement. Settlement is where the seller(s) sign ownership of the property over to the buyer, funds are exchanged, and keys to the property are given to the buyer, unless another agreement was made between the buyer and the seller.