New Advances in Smart Features and AI in the Home

by | Feb 7, 2024

With such an ever-changing real estate market you will need to do your research to see what features and trends will help keep your home on the cutting edge.  Smart homes are becoming ever so popular and the trend is expecting to continue to grow through 2024.

Some of the strongest smart home trends for 2024 are security, lighting, home heating/cooling and Artificial Intelligence, or AI. These are the most popular items homeowners choose to put their money towards to make more of a “smart home.”

AI is the future and homeowners are using this technology in their kitchens and to automate things throughout the house. AI can and will learn your behaviors and will help automate your heat/cooling, security and more.

As we move into a world of major technology advances, such as AI, keep an eye on all the evolving smart home components you can add to your home.